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Short Story About Proulx-Dunford Medicare

Proulx-Dunford's mission is to help Medicare beneficiaries understand and fully utilize their entitlement. Medicare offers comprehensive health insurance coverage to people 65 and older and those under 65 with permanent disabilities or certain medical conditions. We go through the ABC's of Medicare and assist clients in selecting a Medicare plan best suited for their specific needs.


About Us

About Us
Located in SE Salem, Proulx-Dunford is a state-of-the-art Medicare Insurance Brokerage company which is striving towards its commitment to provide comprehensive education to the benefits of Medicare and other health care services to it's customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting Medicare has never been as simple as signing up when you turn 65. If you time your enrollment wrong you can end up paying extra money for Medicare for the rest of your life—or paying for parts of Medicare that you may not need. We can assist you through this process.
Your first big decision after enrolling in Medicare will be whether to stick with original Medicare plus a Medigap supplemental plan—or get your Medicare benefits through a private Medicare Advantage plan. We will lay out the advantages and disadvantages of both options so you can choose the right one for you.
There's a lot to consider when picking a Medicare Advantage plan. What will you have to pay out of pocket? Are your doctors in the plan? What will your drugs cost? Is a drug plan included in the Advantage plan? We will show you how to choose and what to look for.
Shopping for these supplemental plans that pick up traditional Medicare's out-of-pocket costs can confuse the savviest consumer. We will explain how Medigap works, how they are priced, and how to go about finding a plan that will work for you.
If you take prescription drugs regularly, finding the best Medicare Part D plan is going to take some work. We offer a number of drug plans from regional and national carriers. Let us help you make the best choice based on prescriptions you currently use. This will avoid paying more for your prescriptions than is necessary.
Medicare part A, Medicare part B, Medicare part C, Medicare part D.

Proulx-Dunford Medicare

We will help you understand how Medicare works, so selecting a plan becomes very simple.


You're in Good Hands

Medicare offers comprehensive health insurance coverage to people 65 and older and younger people with disabilities and certain medical conditions. The decisions and choices you face can be confusing and overwhelming. Making the wrong choice could cost you more money. Proulx-Dunford will assist you through this process.